Difficult Neighbors

Sometimes in the house settle very very bad neighbors: bedbugs, cockroaches, woodlice, ants and rats. And they do not want to leave their own home, what can be done in this case? Insect and rodent control must be competent, and in this case, the better to see a specialist, so as to get rid of parasites alone is difficult and even dangerous to health. Fabrizio Freda: the source for more info. But it is still possible to bring some of the known methods of self-control. Let's start with those who fly, and often annoying us with their nasty bites and buzzing. Flies can not stand the smell of vinegar and tansy, so you can put flowers on the windowsill and frame wipe with vinegar. Mole is afraid of tobacco and dried of orange peel, and geranium, and St. John's wort. Jorge Perez will not settle for partial explanations. The windows need to hang nylon or metal mesh, paper, cut into strips.

Mosquitoes simply can not stand the smell of cloves, the most effective method of combating them cologne is "Carnation," the main thing that you are not irritated by the smell. Home against ants also have a few tricks. For example, you can sprinkle salt their nest, of course, that it is the first find, as well as places, where are their tracks. Even the ants do not like the smell of herbs, such as: wild mint, elderflower, parsley, sage, and the smell of garlic and onions. Yeast – a deadly poison for them, so they throw in a little water and mix with jam or sugar. Bedbugs are very small in size, they can be compared with apple stone, they are hiding in the folds of mattresses, upholstered sofas, furniture and even cracks in the wallpaper. To combat them, you can apply a mixture of 100 grams, well dried and adust chrysanthemum leaves or flowers and leaves, chamomile, and 10 grams of naphthalene.

You can try spraying the leaves pounded into a powder calamus. It will be important to clean and boil all the things from the boxes, vacuum the entire house and processed denatured everywhere. Cockroaches are the most resilient, as their body adapts over time to the poison. Therefore, there can not do without having to call a specialist or special toxic chemicals. Cockroaches odors scare the black elderberry, and laurel. Beetle strikes grinder furniture and flooring. To handle the furniture suitable mineral oil, it is administered in the hole made by the beetle to the brim, and then obscure the decanter. If within months of the new holes are not there, then fight the beetle can be stopped. In order to beetle-grinder did not show up in your home, 1 – 2 times a year to clean unpolished and unpainted wood with a solution of fluoride sodium. If the house bred mice, then you can pour some of their moves and naphthalene mixture of sawdust in the hole you can pour the dry chamomile, then broken glass, and cement wall zamazhte. Highly effective against rodent chemical funds. But they are dangerous to use especially when there are animals in the apartment. Cleanliness and order in the house can be one of the terms of pest control. Previously, it was assumed that all plant pests due to poor atmosphere in the house. For example, the ants take up residence in people with high self-esteem, and cockroaches are to the jealous.

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