Decorative Screens On Radiators

It is known that the radiator over time acquire the form of unsightly splodgy, beat them from time to paint the product. Also frequently, the radiators are the most conspicuous place: along the parapet walls or in niches. Therefore, in the interiors of these heaters are usually closed by means of screens on the battery. So far the materials for the manufacture of this kind were regarded as metal, wood and plastic. However, these materials not tolerate aggressive environments. Oxidized metal, wood cracks, and changes the original geometry. Plastic products under the same the influence of temperature, lose their properties, either of them start to evaporate the production of plastic components.

In our opinion the most promising decorative screens from MDF. They are ideally suited to the interior of any room and give it a beautiful and finished look. Stylish design radiator grids complements any interior home, office, hotel, saloon, fairgrounds, schools, sports halls, kindergartens and other facilities. A very important quality of these materials is environmentally friendly because their production does not use epoxy resins and phenol. It is known that the strength of MDF is almost 2 times higher than wood – and it allows you to withstand large load.

On the mechanical characteristics similar to natural wood, with cheaper MDF available all kinds of processing that enables to produce the highest quality products and various forms. Screens for radiator made of MDF made from perforated panels, framed by a frame made of MDF profile. Many kinds of perforation and color options panel allows to choose exactly the kind of radiator screen, which is the best suited to the style of interior. MCHP company "Invest" () offers the euro screens from MDF following types: Flat ekranNavesnoy ekranNavesnoy screen kryshkoyEkran in a box flat screen used for decorative panels Heating, located in a recess. Very often, flat screens used for the original design solutions for interior decoration. Mounted display is used for decorating the facades of the most common iron Radiators MS-140. Use of such screens, usually in cases where the radiator is in recess and the top is closed (for example, a window sill). Plane radiator at the same time must be parallel to the wall. Mounted screen with the lid has the same purpose as the common hinged screen, but it is closed and the top of the battery. This is convenient if the radiator protrudes from the window sill. Screen as the box is most often used in cases the need to fully decorate radiator. As a rule, it is advisable if the radiator pipes, or skewed to fit the battery from the wall and they can be completely closed. You can be sure that Modern comfortable, durable and beautiful decorative screens from MDF panels will make your interior more comfortable, and the house – a modern and warm!

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