Decorate A Child’s Room

Having a baby is always a holiday, especially if the baby is anticipated and planned. Each family is preparing to meet the special this holiday, trying to create not only a convenient and comfortable environment to stay baby full of useful things and devices, but also to decorate the nursery in line with their taste and abilities. Well, if there are children in the apartment, even better, if funds allow to bring to registration professional interior designer. Well, if it does not, but funds are limited, parents come to the aid of imagination and boundless love for her child. I’ll tell you about my experience a children’s room decoration. Our experience in Ordinary child decorate the bedroom redecoration was carried out with radical changes. This affected not only the floors and windows. First, the color of wallpaper, contrary to popular opinion, has been replaced by bright orange, which added joy, warmth and comfort.

The surface of the wallpaper is not only allowed to wash them, but stick to the tape lamps, pictures and other cute knick-knacks. Curtains were matched in color and decorated with tulle placer cheerful flowers, that could touch it, because they were sewn on top of the curtains. Wall dressing was replaced with a mirror completely, which immediately increased the space visually and add more light: even in cloudy weather the room is always bright. Of course, it was possible to experiment with the ceiling, creating a kind of painted ceiling, but for such heroism, I was not ready.

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