Crazy And Seven Gates

Crazy and seven gates by Serafin Alarcon seven doors to enter this is crazy; you say that I escaped all moderation, I don’t have anything else to think and what can I say? It is true. A place where end my longings and the sky begins. Who is invented all this joy of light? Will I be wrong? Who will be filling me chest in this flood, in this joyful visit? Sweet to be able to enjoy every breath that gives me life. And it seems crazy, I know, I can not deny it as a thousand rays of light dropping me at the same time. And his cross then takes another meaning, a new one, a new blue North. God, Christ as sublime inspiration, such as better cycle of conversation.

Can anything in my defence what say I? Only’s wishes that one day others can experience it. I’m happy, Yes. I am immensely happy. I have peace and joy of the soul and well-being. He learned, the transition from grief to joy, from the storm to the Rainbow, from the bitter to the sweet, from pain to joy get to know him. In a world where there is so much darkness, one covered by dense cloud, the Lord did me a favor. Sublime ray of light I illuminated.

If Christ saved me. There are seven doors, are the days of the week seven thousand songs and opportunities to love, to rebuild and build a new North and a better future. Seven thousand reasons to speak of, seven thousand to say to others; Good morning. To give a smile to say; I love you and to ask for forgiveness. Seven Gates and seven opportunities, that God offers me. And he expects me, as expected the shore the sea in its silhouette. The mother, home, children, wife and your my neighbor, my brother, my daughters, my neighbors and even my enemies. This seems crazy, so I know my house is in their hands, their eyes are her skylights that illuminate the balcony of my soul a day in darkness. Seven doors to enter, a day spent by one of them from darkness to light; as he said. Again Jesus spake them, saying: I am the light of the world; He who follows me, You will not walk in darkness, but that you will have the light of life. Jn 8.12 original author and source of the article.

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