That means that, if these people make their balance sheet, would: active passive housing, which you could sell mortgage on that House 200 by 200 and today worth 100 assets less liabilities = equity = – 100. That is called technical bankruptcy. What happens is that that person had a few dollars, some jewelry from her grandmother and some relatives who, in view of the situation and knowing that he is a honest person, you lend a hand. (If a ninja, or nest egg neither jewels nor relatives.) Logically, that person won’t be many joys in consumption. But there’s more: much of the jobs created in recent years had been in the building. You may wish to learn more. If so, Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is the place to go.

This means that he will come – is coming – an increase of unemployment in this sector. You may find Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX to be a useful source of information. It won’t be difficult to dismiss enough people, because there are many temporary contracts. Many of these people will be immigrants, who have the advantage of labour flexibility. This means that, if you and a me, that we are a few gentlemen, tell us that we will work to Teruel because our company closes in Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, will get very bad side. It gives the immigrant, who comes from Quevedo, who, as we all know, is in Ecuador, Santa Perpetua to CASTEJoN de Monegros.

(Comment No. 10, without any importance: I put Quevedo, because all Ecuadorian with which I find myself, tells me it was Quevedo.) What happens is that: keep coming people outside Spain, attracted by the old promises of a minimally decent work. All this brings with it that consume more resources of the State. And the Government, whether color or colors that is, must be very cautious, but we have money, because we all know that money usually ends. And, in addition, with a certain speed. DEFINITION of optimism though it seems that it is not beside the point, put the definition of optimism here: make the best of a particular situation.

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