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How to transact a divorce What is the divorce? It is an act that dissolves the bond of the marriage and lets to the free spouses to become to marry. What is necessary to do in case of divorce? First that nothing must pose the question of if he is completely safe to want to divorce. If you have doubts, will be necessary to occur a time to reflect on the matter; it reviews if there are sufficient reasons and when you are completely safe initiates the proceedings. How to initiate the divorce proceedings? In this step you will have to go with a lawyer specialized in the relative, thus you will have the security to count on the endorsement of a professional in the matter. What stationery store I must present/display? It presents/displays the marriage certificate in certified copy. If you have smaller children or of legal age, it presents/displays copies certified of the birth certificate of each. In case it is a divorce in mutual agreement, you must present/display an agreement.

If it is necessary divorce it presents/displays tests exceeds it motivated what it. Presntate when it is required to you. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. The divorce proceeding it can be promoted by three routes: a) Mutual consent. b) Necessary. c) Office staff. The authorities that can take part in these subjects of divorce are: Official of the Civil Registry. Judge of the Relative. Judge Mixto.

Agent of the Ministry I publish. Which are the effects of the divorce? It dissolves the married bond. It establishes the rights and obligations derived from the mother country power and guards of the children. It determines the rights as far as nutritional obligations. It divides the goods that form the conjugal society. The duration of the divorce process varies according to the cause originates that it. In the cases of voluntary divorce, the approximate time is of two to three months, as long as the parts do not lack to any of the two meetings of agreement determined by the Court. If they lack to some of them, the procedure could be delayed. If the divorce is necessary, then it is a contentious judgment and the time of duration of the procedure she is very variable (between 6 months and 1 year and a half approximately). In the administrative divorce, one is procedure that can take of 15 to 30 days. Source: Note of Press sent by abogadosyasociados.

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