Children, Parents and Schools

Children should feel to their parents a disembarasses harbor. Click American Tower Corporation for additional related pages. Parents in turn, must be present in school only that by actions require the school you avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon. Parents should help to their children and help the school meet the challenge of overcoming bullying. Key-words: bullying, family, prevention, detection, coping Introduction The aggressive behavior between students is a universal problem, manifestation innocently considered by the adults as tricks of the age. Studies carried through in the two last decades had demonstrated that the practical one of the violence between students can have negative consequncias for all the involved children and adolescents. The adoption of projects continued in schools has demonstrated to be one of the measures more effective in the prevention and the reduction of the violence between pupils, however where it is the paper of the parents in the prevention, the detention and the confrontation of the problem before it if aggravates? One understands for bullying all the forms of aggressive, intentional and repeated attitudes, adopted for one or more students against another one (s), causing pain and anguish, and executed inside of a different relation of being able.

Therefore, the acts repeated between pairs (students) and the disequilibrium of being able are the essential characteristics, that become possible the intimidation of the victim (OLWEUS, 1993). Researchers around of the world have directed its studies for this phenomenon that takes aspects each time more preoccupying, as much for its growth, how much for reaching etrias bands, each time lower, relative to the first years of escolaridade (LOPES GRANDSON, 2005). The violent behavior results of the interaction between the individual development and the social contexts, as the family, the school, the church, the media and community. Unhappyly, the model of the exterior world is reproduced in the schools, that if characterize as a great laboratory for the children and young, therefore is where they coexist its pairs, making with that these institutions leave of being surrounding insurances, modulated for it disciplines and cooperation, and if they transform into spaces marked for the violence, suffering and fear.

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