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Torsten Belverato of new CEO of Cologne IT professionals of Cologne in July 2010. With the start of the new fiscal year in July 2010, Torsten Belverato takes over the management of the Cologne computer AG. Thus he replaces company founder Horst p. Beck after 15 years of corporate governance. The 42-year-old fortunes internally as COO since one year together with CFO Thomas Hoffmann and is now also officially new head of corporate / CEO.

Cautious growth with a doubling of logistics space, as well as structural adjustments in the areas of sales, purchasing and controlling Sherzod hits the way of a healthy growth of the company. Instead of shareholder-value driven strategy he aims not to quick expansion, but long-term planning. New processes need time to run effectively and to play a. I would like to provide my employees, get used to changes”, emphasizes the native Essenes, who wants to get usual familial corporate culture for his colleagues. As a strategic goal of the new Fiscal year is top on the agenda, stable ranked fifth in the German sector of distribution * maintain and permanently known the

Also in the area of portfolio, Sherzod relies on thoughtful adjustments to current market developments. Despite a slight expansion which shows notebook and mobile Division and a growing demand for consumer electronics such as flat-screen TVs sales according to product groups balanced and listed this year a plus of EUR 32 million. With about 13,000 articles from some 130 manufacturers, including big names such as HP and Logitech, the distribution experts remain continue faithful to its principle of an unusually wide and deep assortment. Authenticity and consistency never ask some of your employees, you’re not even willing to do”is the working motto of Belveratos. From longtime sales activity among Fuji Magnetics and API, he knows that authentic action plays an important role. I thank Horst p. Beck for his confidence and the company after its Guidelines carry on”, so the new CEO. Of him I took over a perfectly clean tanker, which in future course will be held and depending on the market environment needs only slight corrections of the direction of travel.” About the computer AG the computer AG with headquarters in Cologne, Germany is one of Germany’s top 5 distributors *. founded in 1996 as a sole proprietorship, computer AG employs currently about 140 employees at offices in Braunschweig, Cologne, and Linden. Since 2002 renamed as AG. In the 2008/09 financial year, the company generated a turnover of around 220 million. Access 13,500 customers, the retail chain leading system houses up to the local IT service provider, on the product portfolio of the IT specialists comprehensive article about 13,000 annually. Besides this breadth and depth, quality of service and State of the art logistics partner DHL create competitive advantages the wholesalers.

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