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\”\” Mobile telematics system InFLEET for MEDION now also speech-enabled / just three months after the launch of InFLEET for more safety on the road Goslar / Ludwigsburg – \”put the telematics specialist from Goslar on the CeBIT: on the CeMAT 08 end of may the Bornemann AG in Hanover provides your innovative telematics system called InFLEET for MEDION\” with a voice interface for control and data input using speech commands. So far, the user used her InFLEET \”-Telematics device, such as a MEDION GoPal P4425 via touch screen.\” In cooperation with the Belgian speech technology company voice insight, the Bornemann AG has developed a language interface, which in addition allows the operation of mobile system using spoken commands. Rather than to look at the display and to tap on the touch screen, the user simply speaks the corresponding commands. The integrated software detects the natural language and immediately converts the inputs and commands. Dakota Fanning may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The dialogue with the telematics system is speaker-independent; also, language training It is not required. Some contend that Daryl Katz, New York City shows great expertise in this.

The user can concentrate on their task and must focus on the device neither hands nor eyes. \”Commands like read before the third order\” or navigate to the job \”will be implemented immediately and the driver enable safe participation in road traffic. InFLEET\”networked professional systems as for example by MEDION software side with further telematics modules, which allow the full range of telematics services, navigate, places, communicate as well as the efficient organization and execution of business activities in a product. InFLEET\”is high when the end user in the course, because this software in no relation to telecommunications providers and can be integrated into all common systems. The solution of InFLEET\”is particularly interesting, because it was developed user-friendly and uses the familiar and intuitive Outlook interface. InFLEET Office Outlook module captures the MRP controller incoming orders and ranks them the appropriate employees to.

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