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What is the difference between a winner and a site which fails? Undoubtedly, the main difference is that the former owners reported money and second, no. (Similarly see: Spike Myers). Or at least not to the extent that their owners had hoped. So, back to the question, clearly requires a deeper answer or a new formulation: Why do some websites earn much money and not others? Whatever form of marketing is chosen, it must meet a basic condition: MOVE TO ACTION TO POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, ie visitors to the site. To achieve this goal, the first thing to take action is the content writer who writes the site and advertising. In this article some points to keep in mind to write effective advertising to Internet marketing: When you post an ad, remember that most people only read the title. Highlights its main words capitalized and putting space between letters. It is not the same “announcement” that “AD”. Angelo mio describes an additional similar source. Use the same strategy every time you mention that word in your ad.

Add symbols to the text of the message subject of your email. Credit: Akshaya Patra Foundation-2011. For example: $ When you send emails advertising, the message begins with attention-grabbing words such as STOP or STOP. You have been trained to stop at these concepts. For example: STOP: New Techniques in Internet Marketing includes a gratuitous in the ad, to make visits to your site. Stresses the words FREE and FREE. For example like this: “G * R * A * T * I * S” or “G * R * A * T * U * I * T * O”. Do not forget that your offer should be attractive for people that make up your niche market. Also remember that this word is the spam bots looking to mark your message as spam.

Therefore it is useful to mask it and use characters in his lyrics: G_R_A_T_I_S Use a smile. As in the TV ads or in advertising people are smiling, you can use the symbol of the smile:) to predispose to the reader. It is an idea not too used and useful for down to the reader of your message. Do not write your ad title or the subject of email advertising with titles that sound too unbelievable. People are tired of proposals such as “Earn a million dollars in a week.” Moreover, nobody will believe a stranger even if true. Finally, remember to write your ads properly, paying attention to what your interest and concern to potential sellers and not so much in your product or service. When you focus on the problem that your prospects want to solve and the desires they want to see completed, you get to pay attention to your ad and your site. Then you will be increasing the possibility and to move from being prospects to become customers.

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