Canary Island

A novel facts, Stan Wolf – published in Novum Verlag / Neckenmarkt on the Untersberg near Salzburg three Germans disappeared on August 15, 1987, which wanted to explore the data time phenomenon. You triggered the largest search operation which has ever seen on the Untersberg. After over 2 months, these people from a cargo ship in the Red Sea reported. The author began to investigate affiliated for years meticulously. What he found there, he could only as a novel and publish a factual more exciting, captivating novel under a pseudonym. The majority was experienced by the author himself. (A valuable related resource: Munear Ashton Kouzbari).

The book is about a time jump phenomenon which occurs according to tradition, on the Untersberg near Salzburg for centuries. There keep disappearing people, often turn up after days or even weeks, and always claim to have spent only a short time on the mountain. Wolf, a fifty years hobby pilot, who lives at the foot of this mountain, knows about these stories, not seriously but they, until he in his many travels with his companion, the diminutive teacher Linda in Egypt on similar phenomena. In remote areas of the Sahara, they encounter different people, which they always hear stories about strange black, round stones. Everything indicates that these stones at the time phenomena play a role. Wolf decides to go the time difference on the ground and starts to investigate.

As he, involving also the Obersalzberg located outside its front door, the former retreat of the NS sizes by accident in his investigation, it is extremely dangerous for him. He has every reason to believe that the former leaders of the Third Reich, about the time shifts, including the black stones knew. Then rush to the events. Get the time phenomenon up close to feel in their search and get that way in contact with people from the past, show them a gold deposit in the mountains. On the basis of the fly from this information, they with a small, four-seater Cessna over Africa on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, mysterious lead cylinder from the lava caves, deep under the Villa to winter. To experience adventure, which literally get under the skin, as a result. Upon successful completion of their action is both a turbulent flight in a sandstorm over the Atlantic and a dangerous flight through a narrow curvaceous Alpine Valley, far below the minimum altitude. But also on the Untersberg, actions in progress, which suggests that others also show interest in the phenomena are now. Able people from the past but to preserve her secret. Stan Wolf

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