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Crisis – is not only a threat, a crisis – it is an opportunity. How to use the happy opportunity to buy property, apartment or house with a very good discount? Prepare for pokupke.Kak seen from the press, on websites of real estate agencies, the real estate market stagnating due to the crisis. This means that on this occasion, you can now buy cheaper any property. But how long this will last for brighter future? To interest buyers, sellers of real estate offers prospective buyers a variety of bonuses in the form of additional offers (if you purchase now, something is attached). But the prices drop they are not in a hurry. This situation is very similar to situation in the U.S. in 2006 when long time prices are not falling, then there was their reduction by 30%, and the market is only now beginning to revive. What does this mean for those who want to buy real estate in Russia? If all goes well, the decline in prices we expect in the near future, which, however, when buying real estate right now gives you an advantage.

Here are some tips on how to buy cheaper real estate. 1. Do not take a bonus If you are an agent when buying property offers free tours, try to refuse, saying that the discount you are interested in a greater extent than the proposal. Most likely, the result will be positive 2. At the talks have patience. Tell the salesman straight out that you have been waiting discount consistent with the overall situation in the real estate market. In case of refusal, to inform you that you have selected a potential real estate options are few others. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jorge Perez.

And you wait for his decision within a certain time (for example, by the end of the month), but for now consider other offers. 3. Love at first sight – in the case of unprofitable real estate. Falling in love with one option real estate, "variant of his dreams", you find it difficult to dictate their terms. Catching your hot interest, an experienced seller must "play" on it. Therefore, choose a dozen vending your home or apartments. In case of cancellation, you will have 9 more interesting proposals 4. Be ready Be ready for a good suggestion. It is likely that you will receive a discount by paying in the short term amount or by making a pledge immediately, so Prepare money. It was during the crisis in exchange for quick money you can get a very significant discount.

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