Everyone once in your life have to choose between employment and self-employment. I agree, this choice is not easy, especially if your dad is not Rockefeller. Everyone chooses for themselves the best way. For some, the ideal – an 8- hour day under the supervision of the Chief. For others, happiness – self-employment and independent decision making. One recipe at all there. But you can compare for yourself different options.

So, in order to become rich and independent you do this: Option 1. Gets a job for hire. Great! The work of taking charge. Well, perhaps, be asked to pay for the medical board, and even then will likely return the money in the first pay day. Hooray! Now you have a smart and caring boss who decides everything for you. You may be happy to get up at 7 am (and who are lucky, and 5-6), and work as much as 8 hours a day. Whenever Gavin Baker, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Elected lucky can even work on night! And the most remarkable – it’s your salary.

It is, of course, through the years 150-200 will allow you to come to a complete financial independence. Only you do not spend money for nothing, and carry them directly to the bank. So the state can be put together for 20-30 years earlier. Option 2. You start a traditional business. Well, for example, open your store. What do you need? It’s very simple. To start taking a lot of money and invest in the development of their business. And, the more money the faster things go. Everything. Business began to grow and develop. But you are bound to place, constantly looking for clients (that also goes a lot of money). Your income depends on sales. A career? Well, here is simpler. You can semiannually improve themselves in rank. Today you are a seller in his shop, then you can assign a director, and there, and close to the general …. Option 3. You are engaged in MLM business, in cooperation with some good company. For example, Oriflame and Avon. Company’s well-known and well established in the market. Money to get started, you need quite a bit. But here’s the warehouse with the jars will not get far. Yes, and the constant search for clients annoying. But in MLM business there are undeniable advantages, which should say. First, you can create yourself a nice passive income by building a network of distributors. Second, growth is possible through the ranks. Third, while working about 20 hours per week. This means that the released time for family and leisure. Well, not good? Yeah, okay, but you can better!How to do to address the shortcomings of previous versions? It would be desirable and less money to invest, and at home sit. And so that customers themselves are looking for. To do this, there is an option 4. MLM on the Internet! It is ideal for anyone, but not everyone understands it. Having been engaged in MLM on the Internet, you will create yourself a passive income limitations which do not. You choose the office itself. They can be your apartment or a beach on the coast. You set your own working hours themselves. Clients come to find you because of your work tools. Well, how? Have you already decided to choice? I am yes!

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