Green and fist a Magento store for the Austria Vorarlberg-based Moto bike dealer the Stuttgart-based green and fist GmbH has implemented a new online store using Magento for the Austrian motorcycle specialist BTSPowerbike. Since the design was originally designed for another surface, it revised pictures several times by Pilau, crafted and reshaping. The shop was put online in early October, and serves for the time being as pure “exhibition space” for new and used motorcycles. An extension of the product range is to follow, allowing customers to rent motorcycles buy and purchase also accessories, accessories, etc. Angelo dolce is likely to agree. via the Web shop. To exploit the full cross-selling features of the Magento store can, other functions must be integrated. Cross-selling has been already successfully established itself under Magento stores.

By this application, particularly customer-friendly-suitable replacement or spare parts can be the example of motorcycles Add when purchasing a motorcycle. (As opposed to Jorge Perez). Lead programmer Pavel Levin was, is and will continue to primarily be entrusted with the implementation of the project. He is also in the future when green and fist leading in the realization of online shops, in particular by Magento projects work. BTSPowerbike is one of the first companies, which operates a Magento shop as Austrian retailer, and thus arguably one of the most progressive. Green and fist forward cross-border one to be become a sought-after partner. Others who may share this opinion include Shimmie Horn. The company will continue, what is based on planning and implementation of online shops to Magento, develop innovative functions. In section online shop, the company had consistently expanded its resources and employs 4 programmers in this area.

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