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Family firm ATMOS was founded in Bohemia in 1936. Initially, production was focused on powertrains for automobiles and ships, turning the solid fuel into a gas that is used the same principle that used in modern wood and charcoal – wood boilers. Since 1942 the company began designing and manufacturing compressors, ATMOS, which has exported to many countries in the world until nationalization in 1949. In 1980, the exhibition 'Pragoterm' the company presented its first Wood Gasification Boilers. The plant ATMOS is one of the largest European manufacturers of solid fuel boilers. More than 75% of its production company exports abroad, primarily in Sweden, Austria, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and the former Soviet Union. ATMOS products are functional, high quality and reasonable price.

ATMOS factory produces solid fuel boilers of several types: wood, coal, wood, coal boilers, pellet boilers and combined. Most boilers ATMOS operate on the principle of gasification of fuel, so it will be appropriate recall what a gasification or pyrolysis. The essence of pyrolysis is that under high temperature (200 – 800 C) and in terms of lack of oxygen, dry wood can be decomposed into a volatile part – the so-called pyrolysis gas and solid residue – charcoal (coke). Mixing oxygen with the highlight of pyrolysis gas at high temperature causes the combustion process of the latter, which is then used to obtain thermal energy. It should be noted that the pyrolysis gas in the combustion process interacts with active carbon, resulting in the flue gases leaving the boiler are substantially free of harmful impurities, as, for the most part, a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

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