Blue Lagoon

The B & B guesthouse in Keflavik is ideal to take a first step in the Iceland. The double room costs only 65 per Night! Enjoy this wonderful city and visit the beautiful Blue Lagoon (it is located only 15 minutes by car). At the 4-star hotel Keflavik you will stay for incredible 55 in double room (per room, per night). You car rental in Iceland, case definitely can recommend to rent the car, because it is much more practical and efficient from here to travel by car in Keflavik. This is the best way to look at the incredible scenery. There are public transport links, which connect the main areas of course, there are also bus tours for tourists. There is however no railways in Iceland. Also keep in mind that if you want to rent the car, be expensive deposit must leave, approximately 100,000 ISK (? approx.

1,250), which is respected in the event of damage. Only in major towns and cities, there are gas stations, where you can pay cash or with credit card his Bill. Credit card is but more common than in Germany. Hostels in Reykjavik the Reykjavik accommodation are currently correct cheap. BB you stay 44 guesthouse in the traditional Icelandic atmosphere for ca 40 (double room). The 3-star Lind hotel offers barrel hotel double room at the time for approx. 40 and is located in the Centre of the city.

You will not find more luxury for so little money. For ca 80 per double room per night, you are to stay in the Merlin hotel. It is located in the old town has great prospects for unt. In the summer, there are pretty good budget accommodation for backpackers, z.B Garour Inn, which is in the winter student residence and the friendly hostel focuses hitchhiking by Iceland on the ring road hitchhiking is in.#.

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