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What you don’t know and only This is! presented as daily new one. You just repeat what you still can’t. “So comes the knowledge quickly and safely in the head and remains there, too!”, it’s Hertha Baker Mahajan, Managing Director of black labs, to the point. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. The classic AOL learning box developed by her was over 7 million copies sold since the early of 1990s. “The consistent further development is the virtual learning box for the cell phone and now of course the app for the iPhone now”, so Baker Menze.

Black Labs: Software and programs of black Labs was founded in 2009 in the Baden-Wurttemberg Lichtenau. Studymobile goes up in the young start-up companies, serving since 2005 in addition to the technical platform, the Studymobile factory, many finished tutorials for mobile devices (PC, laptop, mobile phone, Smartphone, PlayStation). In addition to free programs to test can directly from the website or downloaded paid in Apple’s app store programs in different Ausfuhrlichkeiten and functionality be. Marketing in Rutesheim in Stuttgart was founded by the diploma in business administration Sylvia Damha 2004 as management consultancy with a focus on background information to Damha marketing Damha marketing. Customers receive everything from a single source from marketing consulting to implementation, of the marketing concept to the training. In addition to the classic direct marketing, a particular focus of the marketing consultancy on the online media. Especially with the topics of search engine marketing, Internet design and email marketing.

In addition, Sylvia Detzel has several lecturer in marketing at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg. To find more information about the company and its services, on the Internet at. Your press contact Sylvia Damha Damha marketing Dornier str. 9 71277 Rutesheim phone: 07152 358182 fax: 03222 3777662 E-Mail: is an archive of texts, images, logos for download available: service/index.html

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