AVA Cattle Conferences

“approximately 140 veterinarians and farmers jointly attended the AVA event in Alsfeld (upper Hesse) to say it anticipates: the meeting was fully”. Not only technically full information, but also so many participants who came unannounced yet so that additional tables and chairs in the old blacksmith’s shop in Alsfeld-Eudorf had to be rebuilt. The meeting in Alsfeld was now the 7th station of the so-called mad cow Roadshow”by Germany. The Director and founder of agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA), Ernst-Gunther Hellwig, welcomed the many veterinarians and farmers who had arrived from the region and the adjacent circles, even from North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia, the high-profile speakers on the subject of animal health and highly providing cows”to listen to. Very good discus ions with the speakers, all experts in terms of dairy farming, it was however, many facts to check, there ultimately to the implementation and application for the daily practice of veterinarians and farmers on the farm enable. Especially interested young managers and operating successor fell on, who visited the cattle conferences. High performance may only be best Managementerreicht. Consistency and organisation of the Manager”, so the Manager, are the foundations of a functioning herd.

The basic protection of the animal health is feeding. And, ultimately, increase the feed intake of the cows must be a target. Of course, the high-performance dairy cows have their limitations, we need to know, so Prof. Dr. Martens from the veterinary University in Berlin.

Fertility and animal health are indeed to reconcile, if the farmers and veterinarians work very closely together, and the veterinary care of inventory already very early recognizes the signs of disease and prevents through appropriate prevention measures. That is animal welfare, consumer protection, and the economics of the farmer. Also taking stock of chronic botulism, caused by Clostridium botulinum, was AVA Chief Hellwig carried forward. Are now denying the facts of disease in animals and humans in this respect no longer by hand. Many cows are victims”This creeping disease that must be intensively explored by science, calls like Hellwig. The open questions regarding the issue of Clostridium botulinum toxicosis are listed in the Gottingen Declaration of agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA). Everyone should support this statement. Other meeting places in January 2011 are: bad Waldsee – Allgau (25.1), Mirkskofen-Landshut (26.1), Aalen-BW (27.1) undNeustadt on the Aisch MIttelfranken (28.1.).

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