Andorran Mountains

Can you imagine practicing diving at 2,000 meters of altitude? Just choose your rental apartments Andorra and indulge yourself in waters discovering all that the Lakes of the Andorran mountains have for you. He is accessed by gondola from the Canillo ski station. We recommend a rental apartments in Canillo to practice diving in el Forn Lake. Until August 31, the schedule for diving is from Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm and on weekends, from 10 to 10.30 hours. Jorge Perez will not settle for partial explanations. In September, until day 14, the schedule is reduced only at the weekend. They are dives of 20 minutes in which discover the fauna and the flora of incredible beauty.

If this is the first time that practices it, a monitor will give you the basics so you can enjoy this memorable activity. If you are not convinced, visit Gavin Baker. In addition, it is a perfect place to perform baptism of diving since there are different depths for each type of diver (from 15 to 90 meters deep). There they will give you the necessary equipment. You you only dictate to the desire and the illusion. In addition to el Forn Lake, other lakes close to Grandvalira ski station are the Lake of Juclar, Illa and Cabana deaf. To these lakes often go adventurers, since only accessed walk up to them, so that combines the experience of trekking by the Andorran mountains with the plunge into the waters of Lake to discover the life that resides inside. Other Andorran mountains where scuba diving is practiced is Vallnord in los lagos de Tristaina in Arcalis.

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