And Abraham

What I mention, can corroborate it, doing a simple query to your writings, in reality, only commented it as a simple aggregate, the point which I want to refer, is related to the influence of Sara exerted on the decisions of my father, especially in the sad episode of Agar and Ismael. Chris Sower takes a slightly different approach. However his handsomeness, Sarai or Sarah, as it has been called then could not have children, and that has caused frustration and mistrust, throughout his life. As it was customary at the time, Sara, believing that Jehovah had made her sterile, she asked her husband, that he allegase his handmaid Agar, so that he could give sons through her, that way, your handmaid conceived a son, to which put by name, Ismael. The birth of Ishmael, the happiness of Agar for being mother, caused great bitterness in Sara, her character, in itself very difficult and arrogant, he became irascible and sour, and for this reason, it constantly tormented her handmaid, Agar. Let the scribes, are his particular way of recounting certain facts, tell us: then Sarai said to Abraham: my shame be upon thee; I gave my handmaid by women, and looking pregnant, looks at me with contempt; Jehovah judge between me and thee. And Abraham said unto Sarai: Behold, your servant is in thine hand; get with it what seemeth good unto you. And as Sarai pained her, she fled from his presence. And found her the angel of the Lord next to a source of water in the wilderness, by the fountain which is in the path of South. And he said: Hagar, servant of Sarai, where you come from, and where are you going? And she answered: fled in front of Sarai my lady. And the angel of the Lord said to him: you return to your lady, and Ponte submissive under his hand.

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