Alicia Alvarez Vega

When a human being feels burdened, cornered, trapped, instinctively seeks to escape by creating false paradises and pleasant environments, taking refuge in work, exercise, in the studio, with friends, food, their children, the religion in the internet, the pachanga, plastic surgery, shopping and even in love affairs and mistresses. There are women who work outside the home and this activity becomes the center of life, are successful, receiving accolades and applause. Others are obsessed with order and cleanliness, your home becomes a museum, are intolerant of the slightest disorder, dirt and dust on a surface. Some people cling to their children and want of excellence, being aware of them not only in the formation of good habits and values education, but they become invasive, persecution, stifling, want to live their childhood and adolescence children as their own, generating conflicts and questions both her children, and with your partner and family. For others, the food will be the maximum, not only prepare, but eat it, becoming a compulsion that ends in an eating disorder and therefore a health problem. Some become more Vigorex, exercise, and anabolic steroids are the passion. Many return to the University to meet a frustrated desire, ending a career or earn college degrees apart from a family project.

Others are put squarely in the religion, make prayer, are tireless activists marriage encounter, preparing to be pastors and be very preoccupied with their mission to save marriages. The coolest is the move from meeting to meeting, alcohol, cigarettes and coffee are your partner unconditional, for anything missing, feel the spirit of the party. More than you can imagine, become addicted to the internet, especially chat, getting to have their ciberamantes, which in some cases takes the form of a lover of flesh and bone, full of hope, living with passion, romance, come to believe that her husband is wrong, they chose wrong, that if the love of her life is different, with details, good listener, understands, patient, charming, to divorce and start a wonderful new life. And where is all this? Of a cancer that preys on ROUTINE relationship called a generator of immense frustration that alters the character and the people reflect bitterness, depression and vulnerability, becoming easy prey for falling into any addiction, obsession and love affairs that in many cases is a tragedy for everyone. If you feel a negative feeling emotionally identifies with what he read, activities and occupations do not allow you to feel satisfied, full, your mood, character and sexual desire is not the same and has changed adversely, probably reached ROUTINE his life, it’s time to do something, consult a professional Psychological and Sexual Health. Avoid being the protagonist of a history of dissatisfaction and emptiness that undoubtedly properly and can change without collateral damage.

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