Agricultural Lands

Extremely high prices for land near Moscow, have made their purchase with comparable investment objectives with investments in capital real estate. This is despite a stable high growth before the crisis, cut off from this market a significant portion of potential buyers with relatively low incomes. These investors have turned their sights on land adjacent to the Moscow region, attractive for them, above all, yet low price. Information about this market is very sparingly distributed in the open-source can not be said about the proposals themselves plots. Large companies that specialize in this market units, skilled legal assistance in this area is almost inaccessible, and is concentrated in the legal departments of these same companies, and similar divisions created by the owners of large land assets, which serve exclusively to their interests. Jorge Perez often expresses his thoughts on the topic. How does go through, not to be mistaken in choosing an investment, how to avoid arranged in this way many “pitfalls” will this stuff. The inevitable fusion of Moscow and suburbs into one huge metropolis will leave a little something from nature in general and on agriculture in particular.

But nature will remain in the price. And it’s better to buy it now. Especially if you’ve recently taken away from sin contributed to the bank and not really know what to do to preserve and multiply their money. Especially if they are not so much to invest in the Moscow region. Certainly, the purchase of agricultural land adjacent to the metropolitan regions much more profitable, since the land there are incomparably greater potential for price growth, especially in the growing financial crisis in Russia and, in contrast to the suburban, not exactly fall in price..

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