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SANTA CLARA, Calif. – March 1, 2010 – Aeria Games announced today that it plans to launch one of the most popular and successful games, the Spanish language. This title is the second publication of the publisher of online games made for the Hispanic market. Players who wish to be the first to participate in the trial of the game, are invited to register for the Closed Beta, entering the official site. Grand Fantasia is a role playing game free online access (MMORPG) developed into a magical world expansion, meticulously designed, called Safael.

The game already has wide acceptance in North America and Europe and plans to duplicate the success in Spain and Latin America. Grand Fantasia has the better elements of various kinds of pets that offer a unique and unrivaled. In addition to creating their own heroes, players can customize their pets called "Sprites" and use them to gather resources, create articles or rescue boots. Those seeking a richer experience in action, take part in battles player vs player (PvP) and pitched battles between teams, or to explore Dungeons (dungeons) challenging. More information about this and many others in games is one of the publishers of online games and free access to greater growth. It offers an MMO gaming experience unparalleled to an ever-expanding community, which currently exceeds ten million members. With a diverse portfolio of titles, including well-known games like Shaiya, Shin Megami Tensei and Grand Fantasia, Aeria Games expresses its commitment to deliver a gaming experience of high quality and innovative content, complemented by a quality customer service without unprecedented in the half.

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